The IT FACTOR explains to the unbeliever and believer that God has equipped them with gifts, talents and abilities before time to be successful in time. It explains that all of our gifts and talents are given to us by God before we were born to fulfill His purpose and reach our destiny on earth. It proves that God has provided and equipped every creature on earth to survive and thrive.

The reader will begin to understand that he/she is fully equipped to conquer every obstacle that stands before them in life. During the reading of this book the reader will learn how to seek God for his/her personal game plan for life.

The IT FACTOR explains that God has not left anyone out. He has equipped every being on earth to be successful and prosperous in whatever environment they find themselves in. It proves that everyone and everything on earth was created for His purpose, and God has equipped and provided talent, ability and capability so that the purpose is fulfilled.

This book is for every one and the audience is general.