Pastor Blossom is the Senior Pastor of World Outreach Conference Center in Chicago, Illinois and Alpha-Omega of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She has preached under tents, street corners, and alleyways, before she began pastoring. Her mission is to take the gospel to the World for total deliverance in every aspect of a man’s life. Pastor Blossom is the author of the book The IT FACTOR which is in bookstores worldwide.

The IT FACTOR basically teaches men and women that everything they need has been given to them by God before time (before their parents met), so that they will be equipped to survive and thrive in time (after they are born).

The IT FACTOR proves by Scripture that every talent, ability, gift and capability that humanity possesses, has been placed in them before birth so that they are fully equipped to conquer what is before them after birth. In short, God has given all of us what we needed before we were born to walk in victory and prosperity.

Pastor Blossom has been called to the inner city to encourage men and women that with God all things are possible. She is able to effectively minister to gang members, drug addicts and prostitutes – those that the world deems as having no value, to bring them to a point that they recognize how valuable they are in God. She has been in Evangelistic and Pastoral ministry for over 30 years. She is married to Pastor Raymond Blossom and they have children and grandchildren.