Youth Ministry

World Outreach Conference Center understands the many challenges facing our youth. Because of these challenges our youth are surrounded by leaders that have been assigned to assist them in moving through life with excellence, accomplishments and great success.

We use every means available to challenge them to strive for excellence from Bible Study, Prayer, Music, Outings, Recreation and games to teach and train them to become spiritual warriors and princesses in this generation. Our mentoring program is designed for the sole purpose of taking our youth to the next level in every aspect of their lives.



Childrens Ministry

Is a powerful teaching ministry that train our preschoolers and children about the love of Jesus Christ. The children’s ministry is geared to children ages 5-12 yrs. The children are taught about salvation, prayer, baptism in the Holy Ghost and all that is in-between. We believe that children, as well as adults, must be developed in their relationship with Jesus Christ.