Food and Clothing


World Outreach Conference Center is dedicated to assisting our Roseland community in feeding and clothing those that are underprivileged or have encountered circumstances beyond their control. Our congregation contributes weekly, their money, time, love and compassion so that their light will shine in the lives of others.

Clothing Give Away

Every Thursday

Please see our events page for times


Every 4th Sunday

3:30 p.m.

Food Ministry

Every 4th Sunday

3:00 p.m.



Hospital and Nursing Home Ministry

Our hospital ministry is quite unique in this way, our ministry teams lay hands for total healing and deliverance. We want to make sure that the needs of the sick and their families are met during their healing process. The ministry team comes to encourage and remind the sick that the price of healing has already been paid according to the 53rd Chapter of Isaiah. We want those that are hospitalized or confined to nursing homes to know that the church has not forgotten about them.